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Dear Bride and Groom :

Note: Although my web address clearly state "foto", I'm more specialised in videography...and I love photography.

Your wedding is the event of a lifetime. Families come together to witness the public expression of your love and commitment amidst the beauty and pageantry of your carefully planned ceremony.

As you are well aware, planning this "event of a lifetime" is no small task. You only get one chance to get it right and you've spent months going over every tiny detail.

You've struggled with the guest list; trying to book just the right date; ordering wedding invitations; selecting your bridesmaids and groomsmen...and the list goes on and on. Just choosing a wedding dress was a monumental task, but it was worth it because you've found a gown that surpasses all your dreams...

The stress can be overwhelming but you don't mind because you want your big day to be perfect!

But making all these arrangements is very expensive.

And if you're on a budget, like many couples today are, you may find yourself coming up short for some things you were counting on having...such as a professional wedding video.

With professional wedding video services costing anywhere from RM4,500 - RM7,500+, some couples are just throwing up their hands and saying "forget it" and resigning themselves to being happy with what friends or relatives shoot with their personal video cameras.

Well, we're here to tell you that you don't have to say “forget it.” 

YOU CAN have that professional wedding video, stay within your budget and maybe even have money left over to put toward things that will get your life together off to a good start...like your honeymoon, or your new home.